Music Mogul James Mtume Gets ‘Raw’ About Trump, Politics And Music Biz Placement

May 10, 2018

Talented Music Mogul James Mtume Gets 'Raw' About Trump, Politics, And The Business Of Music Placement - Plus, Renew and Refresh Your Mind.


Author Mira Cassidy Digs Into Domestic Violence Within The Church Community

May 10, 2018

Mira Cassidy Shares An In-depth Look At Domestic Violence Among The Church Community In Her First Book.


Ginalisa Monterroso CEO & Founder of Medicare and Medicaid Advisory Group, Gives Urgent Insurance Policy Awareness Info

April 11, 2018

Ginalisa Monterroso CEO & Founder of Medicare and Medicaid Advisory Group, Gives Urgent Insurance Policy Awareness Info. Ginalisa is passionate about sharing and helping others to understand the ins and outs of their Medicaid and Medicare insurance policies. Plus, A Refresh and De-stress Moment at the End.


A Conversation With Dr. Teresa Taylor Williams - Death Of A Good Girl

April 10, 2018

Dr. Teresa Taylor Williams, Publisher of The New York Trend, discusses her true to life book Death Of A Good Girl, based on her finding out about her husband’s double life while battling breast cancer. Plus, Intern Writing Opportunity and a closing stress free moment.


Tyler Perry Tells His Story of Laughter, Pain, Forgiveness and Success

March 15, 2018

A Conversation With Tyler Perry - Courtesy of The Television Academy


NetFlix First Black/Puerto Rican Children’s Animated Series Co-Creator, Oscar Winner, and Gospel Artist, Emcee N.I.C.E

February 5, 2018

Emcee N.I.C.E is the Co-Creator and first African-American/ Puerto Rican Animator of the children's music series "Da Jammies” on Netflix. Other honors include his winning an Oscar for his soundtrack on the movie  "Crash". He even has a chart-topping debut Gospel Album, titled 'Praise'. N.I.C.E has worked with Hip-Hop artist NAS, 2Pac, McLyte, Gospel Artist Richard Smallwood and many other notables...Take a listen and wait for the BONUS TRACK at end of interview.


“Cleanse Your Heart, Your Mind, Discover A New Way To Love.” Says Author Vanessa Werts

January 26, 2018

In this Podcast, Author Vanessa Werts shares her way of cleansing our hearts and minds of all hurt and negativity to make room for the right kind of love. Listen to get your FREE BOOK with an inspiring journal included.


Pet Expert Debra Smith Talks Critical Do’s & Don’t’s For Cats & Dogs

January 12, 2018

They say that pets can be mans’ best friend - Then you will definitly want to listen to this Podcast on caring for your pet. This is a Great Podcast for those that are thinking of getting a cat or a dog. Or, perhaps you've been a pet owner for awhile; well, you will still be fascinated by what Veterinarian Debra Smith has to say.... Take a listen


Jada Pinkett Smith & Karen Taylor Bass Give Speeches That Empower, Encourage & Inspire

January 4, 2018

Lets start the New Year with thoughts and words that encourage and inspire one another. And, thats what Jada Pinkett Smith does as she speaks to a crowd at Moorehouse College. My friend Karen Taylor Bass, PR Expert, lives to lift and empower people with her words of positivity....Take a listen


Cassandra Lucas Of The Singing Duo ‘Changing Faces’ Is Spreading Her New Music Magic!

November 28, 2017

Singer/Songwriter/Producer Cassandra Lucus, says that she is reinventing herself as a solo artist with new upbeat music, and an innovative music company. In this interview, Cassandra explains that with her resurgence in the industry, she hopes to inspire others. BONUS TRACK end of interview.


Music & Video Creator Chas aka (Charles) Bronxson Explores Topic: Fatherless Daughters…Plus $1000 Contest & Bonus Track

August 4, 2017

Talented Chas aka (Charles) Bronxson, is best known for the promos he has written and produced on DJ Red Alert, Fred Buggs, Ed Lover & Dr. Dre’s NYC Radio Morning Shows. Bronxson has expanded his career to writing and producing songs and music videos. Recently, tackling tough topics like the titled song and video ‘I Miss My Daddy’. This topic hits home for Bronxon and teen songtress Haley Smith. Oh, Don’t miss out on the Back To School Contest, listen for more a bonus track.


Inspirational Jazz Saxophonist Craig Crawford Speaks On The Importance Of Love, & Hot Tub Talk: Bonus Track Included

July 13, 2017

Saxophonist Craig Crawford is passionate about the message in his music. "You can have all the materialist things in this world, but if you don't have love in your life....," download to listen to what Craig has to say.