Celebrity PR Expert Angelo Ellerbee Dishes; A Death Threat, A New Book, & Home Training

June 17, 2017

Legendary Publicist and Artist Development Guru, Angelo Ellerbee, takes us through a journey of lifestyle lessons. Ellerbee also advices, as he opens up about his new book, and the celebrity that made a death threat on his life. Take a listen...


Comedian Corey E. Bailey Talks About Clean Christian Comedy and Achieving A Happy Life

April 16, 2017

Comedian / Actor Corey E. Bailey was granted a featured comedic roll along side actors Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller in the movie 'Little Fockers'. He has also lent his comedic hosting skills to a variety of Celebrity Benefits, Showcases and Concerts in the Chicago area. Check out Corey in this latest podcast where he shares his start in comedy and his advice on achieving a happy life.


Smooth Jazz Artist Homer T. Williams Back After A Challenging Personal Experience

April 3, 2017

Smooth Jazz Artist, Music Producer, Homer T. Williams Jr. shared the lime light with 80's music sensations Teddy Pendergrass, and others. As life goes, fate took a turn where Homer had to choose.... Listen to his emotional comeback.

**End of Podcast includes bonus music track:


Actress Tina Jetter Tells You How To Get Started With Your Acting Career.

March 19, 2017

Former Child Disney Actress, and now Director, Writer, Tina Jetter gives us all the tools to get started with your possible acting career.


Talented Toni Ann Semple, Singer, Songwriter, Shares Her Smooth Jazz - R& B Music Career

February 27, 2017


Singer, Songwriter, Toni Ann Semple gives us a taste of her Smooth Jazz, R & B CD titled, "Toni Ann Semple My Spirit." The talented singer talks about her music career, and she even gives us a few of her Native American beauty secrets. If you love smooth jazz and r & b then you'll love Toni Ann Semple.....take a listen


Katrina Walker From Domestic Violence, Homelessness, To Millionaire

February 23, 2017


Katrina Walker has stood the test of time, as she has transitioned from domestic violence and homelessness to becoming a self-made millionaire. Katrina is ready to share her journey. "I knew I was't going to stay in the 'valley'," she explained. Katrina said that thinking 'out the box' was what lead to her success.....take a listen


Radio/TV Host Indy Smith Speaks Candidly - Her Book, Being A Dominatrice, And The Best Relationships

February 18, 2017

Author, Relationship Expert Indy Smith talks frankly about the ups and downs of her career, her book and relationships. Indy even gives us 'food for thought' as to wheither or not you are even in the right relationship. Take a listen...


Former Major League Baseball Player Ellis Valentine, Talks Kids In Sports, & His Career

December 7, 2016

BONUS REPLAY: Former Gold Glove Major League Baseball Player Ellis Valentine, talks about his career in baseball and kids in sports


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